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Cisco Refurbished
Original Part No : CRS-FP40=

Cisco CRS-1 Series Forwarding Processor 40G REMANUFACTURED

Availability: In stock

Available Quantity: 45000

Delivery Time: 2 to 4 week

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    The Cisco® CRS-1 Carrier Routing System is the industry's first carrier router offering continuous system operation, unprecedented service flexibility, and system longevity. The Cisco CRS-1 is powered by Cisco IOS® XR Software-a unique self-healing, distributed operating system. As part of a video-enabled IP Next-Generation Network (NGN), the Cisco CRS-1 Series delivers continuous, always-on operation that easily scales to support the massive bandwidth requirements of visual networking experiences such as high-definition IPTV and Cisco TelePresence. These services demand a platform that delivers predictable forwarding performance and efficient, intelligent fabric-based multicast replication. The Cisco CRS-1 Series enables the Internet and NGNs to handle the approaching zettabyte era of carrier IP communications while protecting network investments for decades to come.

    Product Overview

    The Cisco CRS-1 Series Forwarding Processor 40G card provides 40-Gbps distributed forwarding-engine capability for the Cisco CRS Series. The 40G card is responsible for the data-plane processing tasks, and all network traffic flows through it. The 40G card performs all baseline packet routing operations, including Layer 3 forwarding, quality-of-service (QoS) classification, policing and shaping, security access control lists (ACLs), VPNs, load balancing, and NetFlow. Performance highlights of the 40G card include hardware-assisted policing, and jitter- and latency-minimizing multicast packet replication.
    This data sheet provides detailed product specifications for the Cisco CRS-1 Series Forwarding Processor 40G card (Figure 1).

    Figure 1. Cisco CRS-1 Series Forwarding Processor 40G

    Key Features and Benefits

    The Cisco CRS-1 Series Forwarding Processor 40G card offers many advantages:

    • Supported across 4-slot and 8-slot CRS-3 chassis

    • Supported across both the 4-slot and 8-slot Cisco CRS-1 Series chassis

    • Supported across 4-slot and 8-slot CRS-3 chassis

    • Paired with a variety of interface modules, providing deployment flexibility

    • Provides Layer 3 forwarding with wire-rate performance at 40 Gbps and predictable throughput with features enabled such as Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF) and large access control lists (ACLs).

    • Additional services such as class-of-service (CoS) processing, Multicast, Traffic Engineering (TE), and NetFlow, are also performed at 40-Gbps line rate

    • Supports several forwarding protocols including IPv4, IPv6, and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

    • Enhances performance with hardware-based prefix lookup for IPv4, IPv6, and MPLS

    Product Specifications

    Table 1. Product Specifications





    Chassis Compatibility

    Supported across 4-slot and 8-slot CRS-3 chassis

    Compatible with both 4-slot and 8-slot Cisco CRS-1 chassis

    Interface Module Compatibility

    Supports following PLIMs: 4-10GE, 42-1GE, 20-1GE-FLEX, 2-10GE-WL-FLEX, 4-10GBE-WL-XFP, 
    8-10GBE-WL-XFP, 4-10GE-ITU/C and CRS-CGSE-PLIM.

    The CGSE PLIM is supported with CRS-FP40 starting XR 4.1.1.

    Software Compatibility

    Cisco IOS XR Software Release 3.8.1 or later for CRS-1

    Cisco IOS XR Software Release 4.0.0 or later for CRS-3


    IP features:

    • IPv4 unicast services
    • IPv6 unicast services
    • IPv4/IPv6 ECMP
    • IPv4/IPv6 Load Balancing

    Forwarding features:

    • Access control lists (ACLs/xACLs)
    • Quality of service/class of service (QoS/CoS) using Modular QoS CLI (MQC)
    • IP packet classification/marking
    • Queuing (both ingress and egress)
    • Policing (both ingress and egress)
    • Diagnostic and network management support

    IPv4 Multicast features:

    • Multicast Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF)
    • Multicast Nonstop Forwarding (NSF)
    • Multicast Forwarding Information Base (MFIB)

    MPLS features:

    • MPLS forwarding
    • MPLS load balancing
    • UNI
    • LMP

    Security features:

    • Control packet policing
    • Dynamic control plane protection
    • GTSM RFC 3682 (Formally BTSH)


    • 2 GB of route table memory
    • 1 GB of packet buffer memory per side (2 GB total per line card [ingress and egress])


    40 Gbps line rate performance

    Reliability and Availability

    • Line-card online insertion and removal (OIR) support
    • Out of resource management
    • Process re-startability
    • MPLS Fast Reroute (FRR)


    • Cisco Process MIB
    • IF-MIB (RFC 2233/RFC 2863)

    Network Management

    • Enhanced command-line interface (CLI)
    • Extensible Markup Language (XML) interface
    • XML schemas
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and MIB support

    Programmatic Interfaces

    XML Schema support

    Physical Dimensions

    • Occupies one slot
    • Weight: 12 lb (5.44 kg)
    • Height: 20.6 in. (52.2 cm)
    • Depth: 18.62 in. (47.25 cm)
    • Width: 1.8 in. (4.49 cm)



    Environmental Conditions

    • Storage temperature: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
    • Operating temperature:
    - Normal: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
    - Short term: -5°C to 50°C (23°F to 122°F) short term
    • Relative humidity:
    - Normal: 5% to 85%
    - Short-term: 5% to 90% but not to exceed 0.024 kg water/kg of dry air

    Short-term refers to a period of not more than 96 consecutive hours and a total of not more than 15 days in 1 year. (This refers to a total of 360 hours in any given year, but no more than 15 occurrences during that 1-year period.)


    Approvals and Compliance

    Table 2. Compliance and Agency Approvals





    Safety Standards

    • UL/CSA/IEC/EN 60950-1
    • IEC/EN 60825 Laser Safety
    • ACA TS001
    • AS/NZS 60950
    • FDA - Code of Federal Regulations Laser Safety


    • FCC Class A
    • ICES 003 Class A
    • AS/NZS 3548 Class A
    • CISPR 22 (EN55022) Class A
    • VCCI Class A
    • BSMI Class A
    • IEC/EN 61000-3-2: Power Line Harmonics
    • IEC/EN 61000-3-3: Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker

    Immunity (Basic Standards)

    • IEC/EN-61000-4-2: Electrostatic Discharge Immunity (8kV Contact, 15kV Air)
    • IEC/EN-61000-4-3: Radiated Immunity (10V/m)
    • IEC/EN-61000-4-4: Electrical Fast Transient Immunity (2kV Power, 1kV Signal)
    • IEC/EN-61000-4-5: Surge AC Port (4kV CM, 2kV DM)
    • IEC/EN-61000-4-5: Signal Ports (1kV)
    • IEC/EN-61000-4-5: Surge DC Port (1kV)
    • IEC/EN-61000-4-6: Immunity to Conducted Disturbances (10Vrms)
    • IEC/EN-61000-4-8: Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity (30A/m)
    • IEC/EN-61000-4-11: Voltage DIPS, Short Interruptions, and Voltage Variations

    ETSI and EN

    • EN300 386: Telecommunications Network Equipment (EMC)
    • EN55022: Information Technology Equipment (Emissions)
    • EN55024: Information Technology Equipment (Immunity)
    • EN50082-1/EN-61000-6-1: Generic Immunity Standard

    Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS)

    This product is designed to meet the following requirements (qualification in progress):

    • SR-3580: NEBS Criteria Levels (Level 3)
    • GR-1089-CORE: NEBS EMC and Safety
    • GR-63-CORE: NEBS Physical Protection


    Ordering Information

    To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page.

    Table 3. Ordering Information



    Product Part Number

    Product Name

    CRS-FP40 (=)

    Cisco CRS-1 Series Forwarding Processor 40G


    Additional Information

    Weight (Kg) 1
    Datasheet URL
    Condition Refresh
    Module Type Forwarding Processor Card



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