What is CCRE




Cisco Refresh Equipment's are the ones that goes through a very rigorous re-manufacturing process before it becomes certified to look like new and to have the latest required software's, warranties and support from Cisco. In Reality they are same as new and customer won't know the difference between Refresh or new equipment's however they will definitely see 25% to 40% difference in the price.


The First Challenge: is availability of complete Cisco portfolio in Refresh inventory therefore if the customer is lucky then they might be able to get the entire solution as Refresh equipment's otherwise, they have to combine new Cisco equipment's with Refresh equipment's for cost saving.

At present there are 3000 unique Refresh part numbers in Cisco stocks with X number of Quantities but in full Cisco portfolio there are more than 20,0000+

 different part numbers meaning that Refresh equipment only has subset of new equipment's.

The Second Challenge: is availability of stock at the time of ordering, compared to at the time of quoting therefore if you are ready to make the decision within 10 days the stocks can be reserved with Cisco otherwise there is no guarantee on the availability of the stock.


1. If a customer is looking for individual items such as Switches, Routers, IP Phones, Interface Cards, Fiber Modules, Wireless AP's or accessories for branch network then Refresh equipment's will save them money as well as shorten the delivery time.

2. For Medium size customers the entire IT solution can be designed around Refresh equipment's portfolio.