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Cisco Refurbished
Original Part No : SM-32A=

32 port Asynchronous Module REMANUFACTURED

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    Cisco SM-32A Service Modules

    The SM-32A is a single-wide service module with 32 asynchronous (async) ports at speeds up to 230.4 kbps. Asynchronous ports provide highly flexible connections that allow access to EIA-232 devices across a TCP/IP network. The SM-32A module significantly increases async port density support for Cisco 2900 and Cisco 3900/3900E Series Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2).

    This section describes the features of the SM-32A service module and support provided to ISR G2 platforms.


    Platform Support


    Although called a service module, the SM-32A is designed as a network module featuring 32 high-density async ports at speeds up to 230.4 kbps per port.

    Figure 1 shows the port numbering for the SM-32A service module.

    Figure 1 32-Port Asynchronous Service Module


    The SM-32 module contains primarily surface mount technology (SMT) components. Only enable (EN) LED is provided.

    Online insertion and removal (OIR) of the SM-32A module is supported.

    The 32-port service module has low power consumption with a maximum of 15.72 W.

    Platform Support

    The SM-32A service module enhances the serial density capacity of Cisco 2900 and Cisco 3900/3900E ISR G2 platforms.

    With the SM-32A, a maximum of 192 async interfaces can be supported on the Cisco 3900 series routers. A maximum of 176 async interfaces can be supported on the Cisco 3900E series routers.

    For the Cisco 2900 series routers, the SM-32A service module allows a Cisco 2951 router with 2 SMs and 4 EHWIC slots to support a total of 128 async interfaces.

    For the Cisco 2911 and Cisco 2921 routers with 1 SM and 4 EHWIC slots, a total of 96 async ports can be supported.

    Table 1 lists the Cisco 2900 and the Cisco 3900/3900E ISR G2 series routers supported by the SM-32A module and the IOS software releases required to support the platforms.

    Table 1 SM-32A Supported 2900 and 3900/3900E ISR G2 Routers

    ISR G2RoutersRelease

    2900 Series





    3900 Series





    15.1(4)M2; 15.2(1)T1; 15.2(2)T



    Note The Cisco IOS software releases provided are typically the minimum version required to support the platform, module, or feature in question. Use the Software Advisor (available to registered customers only) to choose the appropriate software for your Cisco product.

    The SM-32A module is often used to provide out-of-band connectivity to console or craft ports, allowing the network operator to manage a network of remote devices from a central location.

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