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Cisco Refurbished
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    Compact, Versatile, High-Performance Router Blade

    The Cisco ® Services-Ready Engine (SRE) modules are router blades for the Cisco Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2) that provide the capability to host Cisco, third-party, and custom applications. The modules have their own processors, storage, network interfaces, and memory that operate independently of the host router resources, helping ensure maximum concurrent routing and application performance. Moreover, the modules come in two compact form factors designed to reduce physical footprint, lower power consumption, and simplify hardware installation at the branch office. The Cisco SRE includes a software controller that enables you to install applications on the module remotely at any time. This solution can help your organization quickly deploy new branch-office applications on demand, reduce operating costs, and consolidate the branch-office infrastructure.
    Cisco SRE offers the next-generation application hosting platform that combines networking, collaboration, compute and storage services, and centralized management into a cohesive system designed to simplify infrastructure, support evolving business needs, and reduce operating costs at the branch office. It integrates all elements necessary to optimize branch-office IT infrastructure for delivery of applications from the data center and deployment of branch-office applications on demand, and houses them under a single chassis - the Cisco ISR G2.
    Figure 1 shows the Cisco SRE Internal Service Module (ISM) and the Cisco SRE Service Module (SM), and Table 1 summarizes features and benefits of the modules.

    Figure 1. Cisco SRE Internal Service Module and Cisco SRE Service Module

    Table 1. Summary of Features and Benefits of Cisco Services-Ready Engine



    Key Features

    Key Benefits

    • Ability to host Cisco, third-party, and custom applications
    • Small physical, energy, and carbon footprint
    • High-performance, high-capacity hardware
    • On-demand remote application provisioning
    • Centralized management and troubleshooting
    • Consolidate and simplify branch-office infrastructure into one device
    • Save on energy bills, hardware support contracts, and onsite visits
    • Improve versatility and flexibility of branch-office infrastructure
    • Quickly and cost-effectively adapt branch-office services and applications to evolving business needs


    Consolidation at the Branch Office

    Organizations today are turning to server centralization and consolidation of branch-office infrastructure in order to reduce cost and complexity of their IT systems. These initiatives, while delivering the sought-after benefits, often create a new set of challenges:

    Application performance: Business-critical applications hosted centrally must provide performance and user experience as if they were hosted locally.

    Application survivability: Applications and network services vital to business transactions at the branch office must function during a WAN outage.

    Infrastructure flexibility: Consolidated branch-office infrastructure must provide sufficient versatility and resources to accommodate on-demand deployment of new services.

    Centralized management: Management systems must include all infrastructure components, offer multi-branch-office automation capabilities, and work transparently over the WAN.

    Cisco SRE has been designed to help your organization address these challenges. It provides hardware, infrastructure, and management components optimized for deployment and delivery of branch-office applications. Cisco SRE hosted network and collaboration services support the centralization of applications into the data center by optimizing WAN access and providing communication survivability. Cisco SRE hosted compute and storage services support hosting and on-demand deployment of business-critical applications that must reside in the branch office. The entire system is managed centrally with the CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (CiscoWorks LMS).
    Cisco SRE modules and software infrastructure enable remote deployment and on-demand hosting of Cisco, third-party, and custom applications. A services-ready deployment model decouples the Cisco SRE hardware from the application software, enabling you to provision applications on the module remotely at any time. These capabilities, the rich collection of branch-office services available in the Cisco IOS ® Software, and the extensive set of network connectivity interfaces and modules - all integrated and housed under a single chassis - make the Cisco ISR G2 an ideal all-in-one platform for optimizing branch-office IT infrastructure.
    The Cisco ISR G2 with Cisco SRE modules is the only device on the market today that can consolidate the functions of an entire branch office into a single box, eliminating the need for servers and appliances in the branch office.

    The Cisco SRE Advantage

    Designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, Cisco SRE excels in five primary areas, discussed in the following sections.

    Host Cisco, Third-Party, and Custom Applications

    The Cisco SRE application hosting capabilities enable consolidation of branch-office IT infrastructure into a single box. Table 2 lists the branch-office applications supported on the Cisco SRE modules. The third-party applications listed in Table 2 are hosted on the Cisco Application Extension Platform (AXP) or Cisco Unified Computing System Express (UCS Express).

    Table 2. Applications Supported on Cisco SRE Modules






    Network services

    • Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)
    • Infoblox Core Network Services
    • Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module (NAM)
    • NetScout nGenius Integrated Agent
    • BlueCat Adonis DNS/DHCP and Proteus IPAM
    • LogLogic MX-Virtual Appliance
    • Visual Network Systems OmniPoint Element
    • Uplogix Local Management Platform

    Improve efficiency of branch-office applications through visibility and management

    Application services

    • Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS)
    • Cisco UCS Express
    • Cisco Application Extension Platform (AXP)

    Improve the overall performance and reliability of branch-office solutions and enable server centralization

    Unified communications

    • Cisco Unity ® Express
    • Cisco Unified SIP Proxy
    • Cisco Unified Messaging Gateway (UMG)
    • Cisco Survivable Remote Site Voicemail (SRSV)
    • Sagemcom Fax over IP
    • Singlewire Paging over IP
    • Open Text RightFax Fax over IP

    Increase effectiveness of communication and collaboration through application and infrastructure integration


    • Cisco Video Surveillance
    • SecureLogix Voice Policy Firewall

    Improve physical security, protect property, and comply with company and legislative policies

    Industry applications

    • Tiani Spirit Medical Data Exchange Solution
    • Orion Health Rhapsody Connect
    • Industry Weapon CommandCenterHD

    Take advantage of applications that provide specific solutions addressing different business needs


    Small Physical and Carbon Footprint

    The Cisco SRE comes in two convenient form factors (Table 3): the small-footprint Cisco SRE Internal Service Module, which is installed inside the router, and the high-performance Cisco SRE Service Module, which is installed in one of the external slots on the router. The two form-factor options differ in the way they are supported on the various router models, as shown in Table 4. The capability to be housed inside of the Cisco ISR G2 chassis creates a powerful single-box device for a variety of branch-office applications. This solution has the following features:

    • Unlike branch-office servers and appliances, Cisco SRE modules do not take up any additional physical space.

    • Integration into the Cisco ISR G2 eliminates the need for cables, switch ports, power cords, and network interface cards (NICs).

    • The Cisco SRE modules are highly energy-efficient, consuming only a fraction of the power required by branch-office servers and appliances.

    • Remote power-on/power-off capability reduces power consumption when the module is not provisioned with any application; it can be scheduled for off hours.

    The compactness of the combined Cisco ISR G2 and Cisco SRE solution translates into cost savings on power, cooling, cabling, and rack space, in turn leading to lower carbon emissions and natural resource waste.

    Table 3. Cisco SRE Module Types





    Cisco SRE Service Module (SM)

    • The Cisco SRE Service Module is supported on Cisco 2911, 2921, 2951, 3925, 3925E, 3945, and 3945E Integrated Services Routers, part of the Cisco ISR G2 portfolio.
    • You can deploy 1 to 4 service modules per chassis, depending on the model of Cisco Integrated Services Routers Generation 2.

    Cisco SRE Internal Services Module (ISM)

    • The Cisco ISM is supported on Cisco 1941, 2901, 2911, 2921, 2951, 3925, and 3945 Integrated Services Routers, part of the Cisco ISR G2 portfolio.
    • You can deploy 1 ISM per chassis.


    Table 4. Cisco SRE Modules Support on Cisco Integrated Services Routers




    Maximum Number of Cisco SRE Modules

    Cisco SRE 300 ISMs

    Cisco SRE 700, SRE 710, SRE 900, and SRE 910 Service Modules

    Cisco 1941




    Cisco 2901




    Cisco 2911




    Cisco 2921




    Cisco 2951




    Cisco 3925




    Cisco 3925E




    Cisco 3945




    Cisco 3945E





    High-Performance, High-Capacity Hardware

    The Cisco SRE modules offer compute performance and storage capacity on par with typical branch-office servers or appliances. The various Cisco SRE modules provide different processor, storage, and memory options for applications with different performance requirements. The hardware specifications are provided in Table 6 (later in this document). Following are the main features:

    • x86 64-bit single- or multicore processor options

    • Up to 1 terabyte of hard disk storage capacity

    • Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) 1 on Cisco SRE 900 and SRE 910 Service Modules

    • Hot-swappable disk on Cisco SRE 900 and SRE 910 Service Modules

    • Field-replaceable disks on Cisco SRE 700, SRE 710, SRE 900, and SRE 910 Service Modules

    • Hardware-assisted virtualization and embedded cryptography chip

    All of the Cisco SRE hardware is independent of the host router resources, helping ensure maximum concurrent routing and application performance. The module is connected to the router through an internal Gigabit Ethernet link. High-performance hardware allows CPU and disk-hungry applications to be hosted on the Cisco SRE module. The embedded cryptography chip supports common standard cryptography algorithms and provides additional acceleration for security applications.

    On-Demand Application Provisioning

    You can easily install, replace, or uninstall applications from the Cisco SRE hosting infrastructure using familiar Cisco device and network management tools. The management tools allow you to replace one type of application with a different, even unrelated type of application on one or a group of Cisco SREs. Moreover, you can deploy the Cisco SRE in the branch office without any application when the network is being installed and quickly provision it with a supported application at a later time. Finally, you can use the same, consistent hardware footprint to host different applications in different branch offices. Figure 2 shows the various Cisco SRE provisioning options:

    • Install a branch-office application on the Cisco SRE module at network deployment time.

    • Install a branch-office application on the Cisco SRE at a later time.

    • Replace one branch-office application with another application without any hardware changes.

    • Use the same infrastructure to run various applications in different branch offices.

    The on-demand provisioning capabilities of the Cisco SRE modules provide the following business benefits:

    Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): Cisco SRE modules eliminate the future cost of field deployment. You can provision new applications remotely through the CiscoWorks LMS or Cisco Configuration Professional application without any hardware or wiring modifications in the branch office.

    Improved infrastructure flexibility: Cisco SRE modules shorten the time to market for deploying new applications. You can address new business opportunities quickly by provisioning applications in branch offices that have been preconfigured with the Cisco SRE module.

    Infrastructure future-proofing: Cisco SRE modules provide flexibility to meet changing business requirements. The Cisco SRE modules can replace an application with a different, more relevant one.

    Figure 2. Using the Same Cisco SRE Infrastructure for Different Applications

    Centralized Management and Troubleshooting

    You can provision and manage applications hosted on the Cisco SRE with Cisco Configuration Professional, the command-line interface (CLI), and CiscoWorks LMS. These familiar network management (Table 5) tools offer both single- and multidevice management options. In addition, the Cisco SRE modules come with an onboard hardware diagnostic tool for monitoring the health of the hardware or troubleshooting problems. Centralized management for Cisco SRE modules provides the following features:

    • Automated discovery reports the type, capacity, and properties of deployed modules and applications.

    • Centralized monitoring reports the health and status of deployed modules.

    • Centralized provisioning enables remote installation, upgrade, and uninstallation of applications.

    Network management applications are instrumental in lowering operating expenses (OpEx) while improving network availability by simplifying and automating many of the day-to-day tasks associated with managing a branch-office network.

    Table 5. Cisco SRE Supported Network Management Applications






    CiscoWorks LMS

    CiscoWorks LMS is a suite of integrated applications for simplifying day-to-day management of a Cisco end-to-end network, lowering OpEx while increasing network availability. CiscoWorks LMS offers network managers an easy-to-use web-based interface for configuring, administering, monitoring, and troubleshooting the network, saving time in configuring new services and reducing the time required to quickly isolate and fix network problems.

    3.2 and later

    Cisco Configuration Professional

    This GUI-based device-management tool for Cisco access routers simplifies configuration of routing, firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), VPN, unified communications, and WAN and LAN with easy-to-use wizards.

    Cisco Configuration Professional is a valuable productivity-enhancing tool for network administrators and channel partners for deploying routers with increased confidence and ease. It offers a one-click router lockdown and an innovative voice and security auditing capability to check and recommend changes to router configuration. The application also monitors router status and troubleshoots WAN and VPN connectivity problems.

    Cisco Configuration Professional is free; you can download it at

    2.0 and later


    Product Specifications

    Table 6 provides detailed specifications for all Cisco SRE module models.

    Table 6. Cisco SRE Module Product Specifications




    Cisco SRE 300 ISM

    Cisco SRE 700 and SRE 710 SMs

    Cisco SRE 900 and SRE 910 SMs

    Product part number






    Form factor





    Genuine Intel Processor, 1.06 GHz

    Intel Core2 Solo, 1.86 GHz

    Intel Core2 Duo, 1.86 GHz


    512 MB

    4 GB

    4 GB (default) or 8 GB

    Compact Flash memory

    4-GB internal USB flash-memory module

    2-GB internal USB flash-memory module

    2-GB internal USB flash-memory module

    Hard disk


    One 500-GB SATA

    5400 rpm (SRE 700)

    7200 rpm (SRE 710)

    Two 500-GB SATA

    (1 TB in non-RAID mode)

    5400 rpm (SRE 900)

    7200 rpm (SRE 910)

    Hot-swappable hard disk drive (HDD)




    RAID support


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